Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - The Road Home, Besieged

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - The Road Home, Besieged

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - The Road Home, Besieged is the second part of Chapter 3 of the game. Having finished their investigation, the party sets out for Hyrule Castle. When monsters ambush them, Link and the others fight to clear a way forward and keep Zelda safe.

This Chapter entry is one of the shortest entries in the game and feels more like a set of combat challenges for your heroes. You will observe that the enemies have started to upgrade, with Black Moblins, Black Bokoblins, and Black Lizalfos appearing. You will face again all of the four Hollows in this entry. 

Treasure Chests and Koroks

Battlefield-Specific Materials

  • Razorshroom
  • Armoranth
  • Ironshell Crab
  • Hyrule Herb
  • Energetic Rhino Beetle

Special Rewards

The Princess and the Knight

With the discovery of the knight who seals the darkness, hope spread among the people of Hyrule. Yet unease lingered in the princess's heart. No matter how much she devoted herself to training and research, doubts plagued her.

To clear her mind, Princess Zelda joined the pilots on a mission to investigate some unusual relics. Alas, their expedition bore no fruit, and they set off on the road back to Hyrule Castle.

A Song from the Past

Witnessing the progress that Link and the pilots have made, Zelda is filled with worry and doubt about her own inability to succeed. The small Guardian notices this and attempts to bolster her spirits with a lullaby...

Zelda: How can I... If I am unable to awaken my inner power...

The little Guardian plays a song.

Zelda: That song...

Zelda remembers a scene when she was a child.

Child Zelda: Nighty-night.

Zelda: I remember you.

Urbosa: Enemy ahead!

Objective: Head for the Targeted Position

Daruk: We'll handle things here. Somehow. You and Impa just look out for the princess!

Urbosa: Hurry! We cannot hold out against this horde for long.

Note that this entry has a time limit. In fact, it is the first Chapter entry in the whole game to do so. In this context, this entry is more of a check for you and your characters, if they are properly leveled-up and have upgraded weapons and skills.

Here are a few tips for time management:

  • Do not ignore the large pack of weak monsters. Defeat them to fill up your Special Attack gauge and then move on. Treat them as fuel for your gauges.
  • Use your Special Attack gauge in fighting the minibosses of the outposts. Also to clear the first batch of monsters.
  • Do not fight small groups of weak enemies, skip individual fights with them.
  • Use elemental attacks on minibosses when it is optimal

Capture the Outpost and break through!

On your way to the Targeted Position, you will need to capture some outposts. User our tips above to do it effectively and save time.

After you captured an outpost, Impa will give this comment.

Impa: Link has scared off the monsters. Now is our chance, Princess!

Objective: Aid the Hylian Captains

While Impa and Zelda are moving, you will receive your new objective.

Impa: Our allies are fighting beyond this point as well...

Zelda: We must hurry to aid them!

The first captain will thank you after rescuing him.

Hylian Captain: Thank you for bailing us out. We have a new lease on life, everyone - don't squander it!

And the second captain as well.

The Hylian Captains have rendezvoused!

Hylian Captain: Soldiers, follow Link's lead!

Impa: Hyrule Castle is almost within reach! We must break through the remaining outposts.

Objective: Head for the Targeted Position

After rescuing the captains, you are in the last stretch to reach the Targeted Position. You will observe though that the Hollows have returned. They are still weak though and can be easily defeated.

The Hollows have appeared.

Zelda: This can't be!

While moving on the adjacent bridge, you will observe this aggressive behavior from the Electric Lizalfos. They rarely do this when they are in an outpost. 

They seem to be programmed to be more aggressive in this Chapter entry.

With their group attack, it's almost impossible to avoid their multiple Lightning Balls. You will get electrocuted if you are not able to dodge or guard.

Objective: Defeat the Stone Taluses

Finally, you have reached the Targeted Position. You will face two Taluses here, plus any of the Hollows or elemental Moblins or Wizzrobes you have not yet defeated. Yes, they will follow you here if you skipped them. 

Impa: We've come this far, and now we must contend with Taluses?! Still, the castle is in sight. Onward!

Go ahead and defeat them all.

Impa: For a moment, I was worried we wouldn't make it. Now that we're here, all should be well.

Zelda: I only wish that I... Well, regardless. You should all be very proud of your performance today.

Zelda's Wishes

Link remains as steadfast and dedicated as ever, stronger now that he is armed with the sword that seals the darkness. Zelda doubts her own abilities by comparison, and Urbosa tries to put her worries to rest by reminding her of the Great Deku Tree's words.

Zelda: Link... He's become so much stronger.

Urbosa: "And yet, I have not." I presume that's what you're thinking, hm?

Zelda: Um... More and more monsters have been appearing lately. It is a sign that the Calamity draws near.

Zelda: So... there isn't much time. And still, no sign of my power awakening...

Urbosa: Little bird... Perhaps you are missing the point, comparing your progress to Link's.

Urbosa: He... is the same boy he was before acquiring the sword. He will rise to... any challenge with no hesitation. That's all there is to it.

Urbosa: In that regards, you two are one and the same. Look how hard you've worked to get this far.

Zelda: Well, I... You see, I...

Urbosa: What did the Great Deku Tree say? There's no need to fret, Princess.

Urbosa: I know... that you are where you need to be. You must accept that too.

Zelda: Thank you, Urbosa.

The Five Champions

The pilots of the Divine Beasts and the knight with the key to defeating Calamity Ganon... In a grand ceremony, these five heroes convened, and King Rhoam bestowed upon each the title of Champion.

The people gave cheer, the ceremony drew to an end, and the Champions enjoyed a moment of rest.

After the Ceremony

The inauguration ceremony for Link and the four Champions who will pilot the Divine Beasts comes to an end, and everyone takes in the celebratory atmosphere. An amusing interaction between the little Guardian and the others is enough to ease Zelda's worries, if only a bit.

Impa: We did it. We have all the pieces on the board to stop the calamity.

Impa: With the knight who seals the darkness, the four Champions, and you, of course, I'm positive we can turn back the -

The little Guardian makes noises to attract attention.

Impa: Would you stop making a nuisance of yourself? Unlike you, the princess is extremely busy. Hey!

The little Guardian annoys Impa.

Impa: You cut it out. Now, listen you - Stop that! We're trying to help the princess here!

Zelda: Come on, you two. There's no need to fight.

Impa: Urgh! How dare you act so disrespectfully in front of Her Highness, you troublesome teapot?

Mipha: So, Daruk... About what we discussed...

Daruk: Ah, so you're ready to begin your training. Let's get to it!

Mipha: Thank you. I hope to become strong so that I can fight... alongside...

Link approaches Mipha.

Mipha: Oh! No, I-I was just, um... Ah...

The little Guardian annoys Revali as well.

Revali: Gah! Enough! Leave me out of this! If you must fight, do it elsewhere!

Impa: Come back here, you whiny little...

Revali: Gah! Stop it!

Revali flies away.

Revali: How asinine.

Korok Locations

Every Chapter in the game contains Koroks. The main challenge is that there is no feature in the game that will make them appear on the map. 

Hence, we provide all their locations on the area as well as on the map.

Total Koroks: 3

The Road Home Korok 1

The Road Home Korok 2

The Road Home Korok 3

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