Complete List of Berserk Influences on Elden Ring

Complete List of Berserk Influences on Elden Ring

2017- 2020
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Elden Ring is the biggest and most ambitious game that FromSoftware has ever created. From the trailer alone, we have already identified a possible reference to Berserk. Knowing that Miyazaki is directing the title and that Elden Ring is the natural evolution of Dark Souls, we expect to see influences of Berserk on Elden Ring when it finally gets released.

Berserk and the Souls Games

The creator of Elden Ring, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is a huge Berserk fan, which he has acknowledged multiple times in interviews. Growing up in a home where video games were not allowed, reading mangas like Berserk and Devilman were among Miyazaki's favorite past time.

During the creation of the Souls games, Miyazaki expressed his admiration and homage to Berserk by placing several references to the manga, either through the monster designs, armor and weapon designs, characters, and even in the plot and story structure of his games.

We collected the Berserk references on all the Souls games and shared here all that is present in the game Elden Ring.

For every reference we included in the list, we also provided the chapter in the manga where you can find it and the background info that can give you more context.

Grading System - How Sure are We?

In addition, you can also see for each entry a verdict section, where we share if the inspiration is either:

  • Beyond Doubt
  • High Possibility
  • Similar

A Work in Progress

As Elden Ring is not yet released, we will be visiting this list in the future to include what we discover when the final game is available.

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Berserk Influences on Elden Ring

Winged-Helmed and Farnese

  • Verdict: Similar
  • Seen in: Volume 15
  • Chapter Name: Lost Children
  • About: The Winged-Helmed character shown in the Elden Ring trailer looks similar to Farnese

Elden Ring is the latest FromSoftware game, and all we have currently is a trailer. One of the characters shown in the trailer has a helmet very similar to that worn by Farnese.

We will find out more in the future if there is indeed a connection between the character below and Farnese. This is not the first time though that Miyazaki placed a winged-helmet on a Souls game character.

In Demon's Souls, one of the NPCs has a helmet very similar to those worn above. Her name is Selen Vinland, sister of the knight Garl Vinland, who also acts as a boss in the game. Her helmet has an opening though and you can see her face and eyes. Hence, we can say that the Elden Ring character is nearer to Farnese in terms of similarity.

Berserk Influences on other Souls Games

If you would like to see how Elden Ring scored compared to the other Souls games when it comes to Berserk influences, see this full summary.